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DXP is a leading distributor of quality products and solution provider to industries across Canada. DXP is represented across Canada by a family of brands who stand for expertise and are the best in their industries.


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Pump Monitoring of Centrifugal Pumps for Decreased Downtime

Centrifugal pumps form an integral part of many industrial processes. These machines are commonly used in the chemical transportation and processing industry to channel process fluids through various manufacturing systems…. Read more »

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MRO Inventory and Purchasing Best Practices

Integral to all types of businesses, service deliveries, and manufacturing processes, are items which do not necessarily form a part of the final products or goods. Maintenance, repair, and operations… Read more »

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Kris Weiss and Team Develop Energy and Cost Saving Skid for Customer

Kris Weiss, a sales professional based out of the Allentown, PA Service Center, worked with a local pet food manufacturer that needed a new pump system. Their needs were specific… Read more »

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DXP Service Technicians Come Through

Recently one of our customers, Chemical Specialties out of Freeport, TX, decided to replace two of their LaBour DZT-10 pumps with brand new ones. These pumps were over 50 years… Read more »

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DXP and Distillers team up to provide hand sanitizer for community

Several DXP locations have been able to team up with local distilleries, who have converted to making hand sanitizer to accommodate customer demand for the product. Taylor LaPree, of DXP’s… Read more »

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